Why is it so Hard for us to Change?

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"This may be hard for you to hear: Your life will never change just because you want it to. There"s only so far you can go just by hope alone. Instead, you hit against the walls of doing the same thing again and again. Left unchecked, our actions can keep us stuck in limbo forever.
The two most valuable strengths that you have to avoid this trap are genuine hope and tangible skills. It"s not your relationship"s history, the circumstances of your life or how good or bad the people around you are. It"s the attitude and energy you bring to the table by taking charge of your life and navigating the ups and downs that follow, and the specific tools you use to implement your new skills.
One of the most important secrets I want you to know about is in how you think about yourself, your life, and those around you. How you view things matters more significantly than you could ever realize. I"m not talking about lying to yourself about your issues or your circumstances. Instead, I"m wanting you to simply be more realistic in your thinking.
Having an optimistic and positive attitude when things get tough will keep you alive. It opens up more opportunities than you could ever possibly imagine. Not just when things are good, but also when you find yourself stuck or struggling to cope.
If you approach life with an attitude that you can handle whatever is thrown at you, you"re much more likely to survive in the end and come out far ahead than those that don"t. Being able to face our fears without letting them choose for us. Being able to turn our dreams into reality. Having a direction. Not being stuck.
But sadly, that"s not what many people end up with. Sometimes it"s as simple as thinking that we"d be lying to ourselves about how bad our situation really is. It can be a fear of what might happen when the other shoe drops. Or believing ourselves to be unloveable. Whether this is a result of our past, depression/anxiety or simply the the ups and downs that are inherent in life doesn"t really matter. In an effort to be "realistic" and "honest", we shoot ourselves in the foot. This sort of negative thinking ends up being the very thing that keeps us stuck forever."

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