Why Paddleboard Yoga?

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Quoted From: https://www.jessdonohue.com/paddleboard-yoga

Because it is so much FUN! Paddleboard Yoga is an invitation to be playful and curious. It brings a unique challenge, but it is also surprisingly accessible to people of all ability levels. While requiring focus and concentration a "be here now" mentality it's also a chance to be a kid on the water again, and connect with our natural surroundings.
You may be surprised how different yoga on the water feels from land yoga. From Mountain Pose to Downward Dog, everything becomes about balance and core strength, making paddleboard yoga a total body workout as well as an amazing way to connect mind, body and spirit. Savasana on the water, with birdsong as our playlist...it is truly a magical experience. Classes are for all levels, from yoga or paddleboard novices to yoga instructors and paddleboard experts!
Paddleboard yoga classes are held on the Canoe Canal near Autzen Stadium. The two-hour class begins with a 10 minute basic introduction to paddling. Then, we take a 10 minute paddle to Big Pond where we anchor our boards and enjoy an hour of yoga. Coming full circle, we float back home. Class sizes are small, with a maximum of eight students, pre-registration is required."

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