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Use of high quality nutritional and herbal supplements takes healing to a new level.
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"Traditionally, nutrition and herbal medicine is the largest aspect of Chinese medicine. Herbs and minerals have been used for thousands of years to treat all types of conditions. Many conditions get the best result when a combination of acupuncture, nutrition, and herbs are used. Nutritional and herbal supplements are a great way to extend the benefits of treatments. Supplements are available in pill, tablet, or tinctures. Traditionally bulk raw herbs are prescribed and then cooked by the patient at home, but with the time constraints of today patent pre-made formula and supplements are easier to use (and taste a lot better!). Yen Wellness is pleased to offer high quality whole food supplements from Standard Process and Mediherb. As well as some traditional Chinese formulas from Blue Poppy, Golden Lotus, Plum Flower Brand, and People's Herbs. Yen Wellness also carries many pediatric formulas for nutritional support and common ailments such as teething, colic, colds and flu, cough, digestion upset, and more (they are glycergin tinctures that kids think taste great!)"

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