You Still Love Each Other, But You Can't Stop Repeating The Same Conflict Over And Over.

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"You still love each other, but you can't stop repeating the same conflict over and over. Or, you feel like strangers now; you both have changed, but can your relationship change with you? I partner with couples to learn how to communicate effectively, end damaging conflict cycles, and increase empathy and intimacy. Ultimately, we build up your relational security, or the felt sense that you are understood and safe to be yourself in your relationship.
First, we will work together on understanding your conflict cycle. We will explore what is stuck. What's under the surface? What are you not saying? What do you need from one another in order to feel safe?
Then, we will make connections. Why did this pattern have the opportunity to take root? Are these learned behaviors from your childhood? Do you want to keep them or learn new ones? (I'm going to encourage you to learn new ones)."

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