URGENT: Front-Line Medical Workers need your help!

Front Line 2 the Front of the Line (FL2FL)


Do you have any current clients/patients you know who would gladly step back in order to allow a Medical Front line Worker to move ahead? Begin having those conversations now. You will be surprised how many people will gladly step back to make room now for medical workers to be seen now.
Many health clinics and providers of Mind, Body and Spirit Health are committing to removing barriers (wait times) for medical front line workers.; These FL Medical workers are insured or private pay and need your services immediately.
Because of the Global Pandemic Covid Crisis, we have a record number of people utilizing hospital services. Local ICU's are nearing or AT capacity, local Emergency Departments are AT capacity. Record numbers of people are coming in with Covid symptoms or have been unable to seek medical care for months and are now finding themselves sicker than ever.
Medical staff are being pushed to the brink. Many have been taxed from the very beginning with procedures changing by the day, limited safety equipment and fear of the unknown. Too many staff are on medical leave, have left the field altogether, retired early or have just said “this is too much, I'm out”, leaving the remainder to pick up the pieces. Administration has been left with trying to fill shifts with people who do not want to come in and are trying so hard to have boundaries for self care, riding the line between taking care of themselves and being a team player. They know that if they do not take an extra shift they will be leaving their coworkers in a lurch to operate at unsafe levels.

The pandemic has been hard for us all. The mental, physical & spiritual health systems are now overburdened with people seeking to survive isolation, fear of the unknown, joblessness and being a stay at home parent and teacher. This has left very little to NO room for our front line medical workers who are now asking for help but cannot find help because nearly all health professionals are full with waitlists that stretch out for months. It is time to move our front-line medical workers to the Front of the Line!

Sounds GREAT. How do i get started?

Here's How:

Visit this page. GOOD JOB.

Complete the form, be sure to use Promotion Code FL2FL.

Once verified, create your profile and select that you are participating in FL2FL

When you agree to participate in FL2FL, your profile will be listed on our Front-Line Medical Workers page.

As long as you continue your FL2FL participation, Local Health Connect will maintain your membership, FREE of charge for one year. (a $150 value)

Include in your voicemail that you are participating in FL2FL and ask your customer to show you their badge or medical ID when they check in.


Please answer all of the questions as completely as possible.

Practice Description. What type of professional practice do you have and what types of therapy do you provide?

What is your Education? Please indicate your highest level and where you were trained.

3rd Party Verification.State Professional License Number, Type of License, credentials and certifications. If you are working toward your license please provide information about what license you are working toward and when is your expected completion date. If you work under a supervising professional, please enter their license here too. If you do not have a state license, please include your licensing/credentialing body and where we may verify your credentials.

References. Do you have any references that can be used to help us verify your practice? Or do you belong to any professional groups that can help us to complete your verification?
If you were referred by one of our Providers, please include their name here.

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