1:1 Support to Have More Energy, Peace of Mind and Live a Meaningful Life Again

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One-on-one support to relieve your chronic health symptoms so you can get back to things you love in life.
Quoted From: https://heartfirehealingllc.com/wellness-support/

"We all want to feel healthy and good in our bodies.
Yet we live in a world where the dominant medical paradigm teaches us to "pop a pill" and just live with our symptoms long term. Often we are told these issues are chronic and will "never go away."
Or even more disempowering to us, we are told that our condition runs in our family and is the fault of "bad genes."
It's no wonder we feel frustrated, isolated, lost and like a burden to our loved ones...
But life isn't meant to just be lived managing symptoms and just "surviving." We are meant to THRIVE.
Understanding the Messages is Your Body Giving You Through Your Symptoms: Rather than just trying to quiet symptoms without understanding what they are saying, we look at the messages your body is sending you so that your body doesn't have to keep giving you the same symptoms. This is a root cause approach that brings results!
Exploring What You Believe About Healing: I help you identify and clear limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and not getting results. Then we put the power of your subconscious mind to work FOR you and reprogram your mind with new empowering beliefs that support healing!
Addressing the Ways Stress is Keeping You Sick: When your body is stuck in fight-or-flight it CANNOT heal and so we work together to support your nervous system in shifting into healing mode so self-healing can happen!
Giving Your Body the Unique Support It Needs: In sessions, we work together to rebalance communication in your body so all systems are balanced and can work for self-healing. If your body also is asking for other supports, I can intuitively tune into what is needed.
Addressing Stuck Emotions and Traumas: This is an often overlooked part of healing and in our work together, we work to release emotions that your body has stored and heal old traumas. Many times this brings powerful shifts quickly!"

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