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Did you know that TBI and post-concussion syndrome affects millions of people every year? HBOT can help with TBI treatment and recovery from stroke.
Quoted From: https://www.urbanwellnesspdx.com/blog/11_surprising_benefits_innovative_uses_of_hyperbaric_oxygen_therapy.en

"1. Reduce swelling and inflammation
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy creates an oxygen-rich environment. This increases blood flow and brings much needed oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to swollen and inflammed tissues. Studies show HBOT offers marked improvements in patients suffering from serious inflammation and swelling, particularly in the extremities.
2. Boost immune system function
The high-oxygen environment of an HBOT chamber can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your body"s natural immune response. Laboratory trials have shown the ability of HBOT to reduce autoimmune symptoms like erythema and lymphadenopathy.
HBOT may be a great choice for those suffering from autoimmune disorders or reduced immune system function. Ask a physician at Urban Wellness Group if HBOT is right for you!
3. Play an important role in treating cancer
Nearly 40% of people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer at some point in their lives. Often cancer treatments include radiation or chemotherapy. There is evidence that HBOT treatments may inhibit the growth of some tumors. In addition, HBOT may alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy and help your body heal from radiation treatments.
4. Fight nerve pain and regrow nerve cells
Many people suffer from chronic nerve pain, known as neuropathy. Individuals with diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, vitamin deficiencies, and poor circulation are all at high risk.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) can aid the body"s healing process and reduce the symptoms of neuropathy. Research shows HBOT can offer improved outcomes in patients suffering from neuropathy caused by diabetes. Patients may even see regrowth of peripheral nerves.
5. Assist with wound healing
Open wounds, particularly in patients with suppressed immune systems, can be extremely serious and resistant to conventional care. According to Johns Hopkins University, HBOT treatments can provide the extra oxygen your body needs to heal itself.
6. Aid in athletic performance and recovery
Professional athletes like LeBron James use HBOT to aid their performance and as part of their recovery process. At Urban Wellness Group, our physicians use HBOT and other treatments to help athletes at all levels perform their very best.
7. Reversing air embolism
When "bubbles" of gas enter the bloodstream, the result can be a stroke or painful conditions like decompression sickness (also known as the bends). Recent research showed "substantial improvement in outcome in patients with arterial air embolisms treated with HBOT."
8. Treating carbon monoxide poisoning
Over 25,000 people in the US are poisoned by carbon monoxide every year. Many cases are caused by chronic exposure, resulting in carbon monoxide building up in the body over time. Signs of chronic carbon monoxide poisoning include headaches and reduced cognitive function, among other symptoms.
HBOT treatments and their oxygen-rich environments flush carbon monoxide from the body. HBOT has also been shown to reduce the brain inflammation caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.
9. Improving TBI symptoms
Millions of people every year suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI) after slips or falls, car accidents, and other injuries. TBI can be very difficult to treat. Fortunately, recent studies have proven HBOT to be effective in treating some types of traumatic brain injuries. After treatment TBI sufferers showed improved blood flow as well as other benefits.
10. Fighting fungal and bacterial infections
Lyme disease and other bacterial and fungal infections can be treated with HBOT. These organisms can be killed when exposed to the high-oxygen environment of an HBOT chamber.
11. Improving the lives of people with autism
About 1 of every 70 children in the United States fall somewhere on the autism spectrum. Autism, more properly referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be a challenging condition. HBOT is one promising treatment option for some aspects of ASD. In one study, children with autism treated with HBOT showed improvements in receptive language, social interaction, eye contact, and sensory/cognitive awareness."

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