25 Coping Skills for Anxiety

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"Anxiety can be quite uncomfortable
When you"re experiencing it, it"s natural to want to make it go away. Here"s a list of 25 coping skills that can help in the moment when you"re feeling worried, concerned, physically affected by your anxiety or overwhelmed. Choose a few to try and if one"s not working, move onto the next. Remember, this anxious feeling is only temporary, you got this!

Here are 25 coping skills to manage anxiety to try right now
Arrange flowers


Floral Healing Meditation

Drink water

Stream of consciousness writing


Go for a walk

EFT Tapping

Guided meditation

Give yourself a compliment

Notice and give yourself credit for everything you"re doing well

Connect with a friend or family member

Dance, sing, listen to music

Remind yourself that you"re anxious because you care. Anxiety can help show you what"s important to you"

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