9 Reasons to Ask for Help from Your Friends During a Career Transition

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Quoted From: https://www.sparkacareer.com/post/9-reasons-to-ask-for-help-from-your-friends-during-a-career-transition

"When working up our nerve to make a career change, one of our biggest fears is that we"re boring the snot out of everyone around us talking about our professional quandary. Maybe they offer us a sympathetic ear and the best advice they can muster, but at a certain point, it is ultimately us to take the courageous steps towards a meaningful pivot. That said, it is also worthwhile to build a solid pit crew of people to support us as we navigate a tricky job transition. They can cheer us from the sidelines and offer us perspective, counsel and hope. Below are just a few reasons to keep opening up to our closest friends and family about our career musings.1. People can keep you accountable during your career transition. Create a mastermind group or just see if one person will meet with you regularly and serve as an accountability partner. Either way, you can commit to certain tactics each week and keep others accountable, too. The progress you make will feel like you are moving forward, and you will have someone else with whom to share both your setbacks and your achievements. 2. People can offer other kinds of expertise they are happy to share. Just as you offer friends and family advice on your areas of deep knowledge, you can also tap into this reservoir of experience among your trusted circle of confidants. Need help making a budget? Call that thrifty, finance-conversant sister-in-law. Curious about careers in law? Text that college friend who is a lawyer. Treat them to coffee or lunch, do as much of your own homework as possible, prepare some questions in advance, and send them a thank-you card later. As you get closer to actually making a career move, reach out to them to strategically network more about that below."

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