9 Ways to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

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Quoted From: https://eugenetherapy.com/article/9-ways-to-overcome-fear-and-anxiety/

"Breathe deeply because it lets your nervous system know that it can chill out.

Slowly expose yourself to the things you"re afraid of, so they"re no longer unfamiliar to you.

Recognize when you"re succumbing to "misplaced" anxiety, and let it go.

Spend time with your friends social support reduces anxiety.

Exercise to protect yourself against the effects of stress, which include anxiety and fear.

Reframe anxiety as excitement so that you can devote more energy and resources to the situation.

Prevent yourself from always focusing on the negatives by looking at the big picture.

A few times every day, recognize that at this very moment you"re doing OK.

Realize that not everything is the end of the world; one way to do this is by consciously trivializing tasks."

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