A Beautiful Life

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Therapy that honors where you came from, what you seek to change, and capitalizes on your strengths to achieve the life you desire. Body-centered, evidence-based, and trauma-informed treatment for women and couples seeking healing and vitality.
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When you work with me, you can expect to learn strategies and explore life challenges in a compassionate, direct, and trauma-informed way. In a controlled setting, I will help you learn to recognize physiological and emotional cues from your body, integrate self-soothing practices, and investigate thought and behavior patterns. We will talk about the forces that have shaped you, including family of origin and social/cultural messages, and help you identify the strengths in your adaptations and the patterns you desire to release. I have specialty training in decolonization therapy, emotionally-focused therapy (EFT), somatic experiencing, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), feminist therapy, and narrative therapy, mindfulness therapy (DBT), and trauma resolution.

Using a combination of these approaches, we will work to establish your best, most beautiful life by helping you explore blocks, heal past wounds, and center vitality and wellness. Depending on your particular goal, this might involve:

identifying and replacing toxic narratives and beliefs

creating healthy relationship patterns

cultivating experiences that make you feel alive

listening for and expressing emotions that have gone unheard

exploring where the body is holding trauma

identifying patterns of self-judgment and self-hate and developing tools to integrate of self-love and self-care

practicing how to tap into your intuition and inner knowing

exploring what values and beliefs you have inherited from family/culture/nation/etc and discerning your own true values

learning practical tools to minimize suffering, anxiety, and depression

transforming patterns of shame and self-doubt

cultivating ways of being that allow you to be more authentic and present in your relationships

learning healthy communication and boundary-setting techniques

The foundation of an excellent therapist/client relationship is a good match.

If you feel I could help you heal and thrive, please contact me to schedule a free consultation.

GLBTQI and BIPOC clients will be treated with dignity and respect.

I look forward to hearing from you!"

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