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"We believe in whole body health and know that the health of our children's mouths directly impacts their systemic well-being! The mouth IS NOT a separate part of us, but rather it is the gateway into our bodies. We focus on providing exceptional dental services centered around functional and holistic practices and offer services and an experience unlike no other, with a main focus on the emotional health of the child and the family. What makes us different:

Doctor Staci has additional training and certifications above and beyond dentistry including: laser certification, ozone certification, Myofunctional Therapy, Breathe Institute Ambassador, and is a Certified International Health Coach. In 2022 she will also hold her Naturopathic Medical Dentistry and integrative Biological Dental Medicine Certification and a Certification from the Institute of Functional Medicine. She is also beginning her Masters in Human Nutrition And Functional Medicine.
NoPo Team Members also have additional training in sleep and airway health, nutrition, myofunctional therapy, behavioral management, oral microbiome support, and ozone therapy.
Unique services and offerings:
Laser dentistry with NO shots and often NO drills
Only the most non-toxic materials like ceramic fillings and crowns
Cavity arrest/reversal/remineralization protocols
Oral microbiome support
Ozone therapy
CO2 laser frenectomies
Extensive sleep and airway screening
Myofunctional assessments and early Functional Appliances
Extensive nutritional guidance and connecting oral disease to any systemic issues including nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities
A Whole Body, collaborative approach with naturopaths, nutritionists, ENT's, functional orthodontists, IBCLC's, OMFT's and functional medicine doctors
Self-prophy learning where child and parent get hands-on techniques and instruction for optimal oral hygiene
Thorough hygiene and lifestyle education at every appointment for true prevention including detailed and elaborate infographics, handouts, and an extensive new patient folder filled with additional educational materials for at- home study."

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