Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

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"Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is a transformative, trauma-informed, and evidence-based model of psychotherapy. ART, like EMDR, utilizes eye movements to create change within the mind alongside other enhancements specific to ART. Our goal in ART is to help support a more positive or neutral reaction and experience of past traumatic memories.
ART utilizes similar approaches to trauma healing as EMDR but in a shorter time frame. Clients will be directed to replace negative memory images with more positive images of their choosing - effectively eliminating the negative charge that these memories hold.
Benefits and Advantages of ART
Due to the nature of ART, clients are in control of the process with the therapist as a guide. This creates an ease in therapy.
As you replace negative images with positive ones, you do not need to talk about the trauma with your therapist.
Eye movements have been proven to be calming and therapeutic.
Can be utilized to work with a wide variety of problems and diagnoses.
Easily replace activating memories and images with positive replacements - often within one session (after a therapeutic bond has been created)."

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