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Elaine Korngold at Ask Counseling, LLC, in Portland, Oregon, offers individual therapy to adults with ADHD with a special focus on career counseling, financial therapy, and relationship counseling. Schedule your free 20-minute consultation.
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"Is the world moving too slowly for you?
Do you wish you had more insight into how you are perceived by others?
Are you struggling with low self-esteem, the sense of underachievement, of not meeting your goals?
Are you challenged with getting organized or following through?
Is chronic procrastination or trouble getting started impacting your daily life?
In social or work situations, do you tend to say what you think, without considering the timing or the appropriateness of the remark?
Are you intolerant of boredom, frequently searching for high stimulation?
Do you have trouble focusing your attention with a tendency to drift away or or tune out?
ADHD moving fast
What is ADD or ADHD?
ADD (Attention-Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) refer to the same neuro-developmental condition that consists of deficiencies in neuropsychological abilities related to either inattention, or hyperactive-impulsive symptoms, or a combination of both types of symptoms. There are far more cognitive and emotional regulation deficits linked to ADHD that hide behind these types of symptoms than their names imply.

ADHD is classified as neuro-developmental because the scientific evidence for the substantial role of neurological and genetic causes in ADHD is now overwhelming and irrefutable. ADHD is considered to be neuro-developmental because it is primarily the result of a delay or lag in specific mental abilities and it arises during the developmental course of the individual, most often before 16-18 years of age.

ADHD Executive Functions
The deficits in mental abilities are largely due to delays and/or dysfunctioning in the maturation of the brain areas that underlie Executive Function. This dysfunctioning seems to arise largely from genetics, but can also occur due to damage or other disruptive influences experienced by the individual at any time during development, most often during prenatal brain formation. Executive Functions help people focus attention, control emotions, set priorities, manage time, plan activities, stay organized, and improve memory.

Diagnosed with ADHD as an Adult
Finding out that you have ADHD as an adult can be startling and disorienting. While children"s schools often serve as initial diagnostic screening places, adults have no such equivalents. Workplaces give poor performance evaluations to employees who are underachieving, inattentive, and anger supervisors when they speak without thinking. Spouses begin considering ADHD for the first time when their child is diagnosed with it."

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