Age management solutions for women in Portland

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Age Management For Women Portland - Dr. Adam Maddox at Thrive Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center is one of the best-known age management specialist in Portland, OR. Consult Dr. Maddox for more information today.
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"Many women in the Portland area are familiar with the "change of life" but are unfamiliar with the therapies used to help maintain energy and vitality. For most women who visit Dr. Adam Maddox of Thrive, an introduction in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is a solution for dealing with natural hormonal imbalances as they age. Age management solutions for women may include bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, often referred to as BHRT.

Age management for women is something that many patients want to learn more about as they begin to age. Hormonal changes can happen as early as the age of 40 and continue into the 60s, resulting in many unwanted symptoms. Signs that hormones are changing include:

Hot flashes
Depression and anxiety
Increase or decrease in weight
Changes in sleep patterns
When women begin to experience a change in hormones, it is often an indication of the onset of menopause. During this time, women may find that their body"s hormones are not balanced, which results in the symptoms above. To avoid these problems and restore balance, many patients want to learn about hormone replacement therapies.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is a wonderful method of age management for women. Speaking with Dr. Adam Maddox of Thrive is the best way to get started in understanding the changes the body is going through during this transition. A consultation appointment to talk about hormone therapies can educate women on what to expect, and a discussion of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and the way to test for hormone levels is appropriate at this time."

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