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"Cupping is a tool used in Alchemical Chinese Medicine, that targets the relief of pain and deep aching in the muscle system and around layers of built-up connective tissue. Pain and aching in these systems are often a result of stagnation in the flow of blood and lymph, and can also be attributed to scarring from the build up of connective tissue.
Cupping, by way of suction, brings the stagnation to the surface where it can be released. The gentle action of moving the cups over the site of pain or injury breaks up scar tissue, which enables a re-establishment of circulation to the area being treated.
Cupping is generally soothing and feels like a deep massage. In areas of DEEP injury, Cupping can be uncomfortable during the treatment process.
After treatment, there can be redness, and even bruising at the site, but this is resolved over a short period of time.
The payoff is in the relief that it brings from age-old chronic pain."

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