Allies in Change

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The mission of Allies in Change is to raise awareness of, educate about, and encourage the practice of healthy, loving and respectful relationships with oneself, one's partner and family, and the community. As our name reflects, Allies in Change intends to promote working with others as allies. We acknowledge that some cultural values such as traditional definitions of gender roles and power may undermine a person's ability to be fully loving in relationships. We seek to address and change these values on individual, familial and societal levels.

As an agency, we seek to practice these values ourselves in both our professional and personal lives.

Allies in Change is a non-profit social activist organization and counseling services center. We offer individual counseling, couples counseling, and group counseling for men and women struggling with a variety of issues, including anger, depression, stress, anxiety, significant life transitions, as well as many other issues.

As a social activist organization, we seek to prevent domestic violence by offering community trainings and outreach to local organizations and the general public to raise awareness about domestic violence."

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