Are You Feeling Tired, Anxious, and Stress Overload ?

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"Have you been emotionally drained by the impact of social injustice while being a career leader?
Do you seem to run out of personal down time to rest or recover often?
Are you experiencing mood swings that feel more difficult to control?
Do you experience routine difficulty sleeping?
Do you feel "at capacity" emotionally for taking on any more responsibilities?
Are you feeling anxious, sad, and tired when you start your day?
Are you tired of trying to "push through" it all?
It can feel painful, frustrating, and isolating to be focused on achieving great things when both your schedule and emotional needs reach capacity with no space or energy to spare.
Being an achiever often leads to a professional career path and full schedule that will require your time, energy, and stress management. Sometimes you might find yourself taking work home, or being too much of a "team player" for your career, friends, or family.
When work and life stress takes a toll and you begin to see the emotional cost and fallout of being a super achiever. Symptoms may show up as low mood, a numbing sadness that feels persistent, feeling anxious or impatient more often than not. Maybe it"s feeling guilt, resentment, or anger for the loved one"s who count on you for support, attention, or shared time together. But you keep going and working hard to get things done anyway. You keep trying to push through it all and it"s not getting better. It"s not working. You know that your life in its current state is not sustainable for the long term. It"s time to reach out for help."

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