Atlas Orthogonal Upper Cervical Therapy

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"Our doctors are trusted specialists in chiropractic care and Atlas Orthogonal Upper Cervical Therapy. We work hard to stay in-the-loop with evolving treatment techniques and research as an evidence-informed chiropractic family. After all, Portland"s residents are active folks. We treat everyone, from amateur athletes to pro bikers, weekend warriors, and even office workers battling debilitating back pain. We"re here to keep you moving and free from pain.

You"re more than just a "patient" to us. We"re family, and family is always there for each other. We"ll get to the root of your pain, no matter how long it takes. At Cascade Chiropractic, you"ll always get the time and attention you deserve. That"s a promise, and that"s a promise we"ll keep."

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