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"An Ayurvedic consultation is a truly holistic and personalized approach to your health care needs. It"s both supportive in helping unwind the current state of imbalances (symptoms) as well as providing practical tools and rituals of how to maintain a state of balance and harmony in all levels of your being, body-mind/emotions and spirit.During an Initial Consultation, we collect detailed information to give us a full picture of who you are and how you got to where you are now. We listen to and learn about your health goals and create a unique plan of support for you to come back to and maintain a sense of balance and peace in your health and well-being. This new state of being is supportive not only for yourself but for all those in your sphere of influence.The Initial Consultation is the beginning step to support you at every level. From there, it"s recommended to join the 6-month H.E..R.T.-Fullness Program in order to provide you the deepest, most complete and comprehensive support for you. This will allow the time needed to unwind the imbalances and make the recommendations a part of your daily life."

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