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"Systematic, therapeutic applications of hot and cold water form the basis for the science of balneotherapy, also known as hydrotherapy.

At Rose Cabinet Medicine, Dr. Rose may prescribe Constitutional Hydrotherapy, a wonderful treatment to restore a worn down immune system and poor digestion. This is an excellent treatment to schedule for yourself at the first sign of a cold or flu.

You may come in and use the traditional Finnish Sauna and Cold Plunge as part of your self care routine or as part of a targeted detox program.

Or you may want to rent the portable Far Infra Red Sauna by the week if you are doing a more intensive detox or weight loss program.

Or treat yourself to the therapeutic Nature Cure Spa, a 2 hour treatment, the goal of which is detoxification and renewal of the whole self. It includes dry skin brushing, working up a cleansing sweat in the sauna, a plunge into the cold pool, followed by a deeply relaxing soak in a warm tub of mineral and herbal infused water. To finish off, a 30 minute essential oil spinal treatment will leave you feeling soothed, and nourished. This is a lovely gift to give your self or a loved one, and can be an important part of healing from chronic illness."

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