Behavior Disorders

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"Approximately 10-16% of all children display a recurrent pattern of negative and defiant behavior referred to as oppositional defiant disorder (ODD). Such children are argumentative, rude, noncompliant, angry and throw frequent temper tantrums. They seem to deliberately annoy others, appear touchy or spiteful and blame others for their own mistakes. While all children display such behaviors at times, the term oppositional defiant disorder is reserved for those children who display a constant pattern of those behaviors for at least six months. Perhaps 50% of these children persist in violating the basic rights of others and are referred to as conduct disorder (CD). Children and adolescents with conduct disorders often display aggressive or destructive behavior, repetitive lying or stealing, school disruptive behavior, or truancy. Usually these disruptive or antisocial behavior patterns are evident in early childhood, but some children begin this behavior pattern in early adolescence.The combination of childhood aggressive behavior and peer rejection is also highly predictive of adolescent conduct disorders. Follow-up studies have demonstrated that half of the children with conduct disorders will go on to display such problems in adulthood and one third will go on to display serious antisocial, criminal or substance abuse problems. Individuals with conduct disorder are also at higher risk for mood or anxiety disorders."

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