Bereavement, Grief, and Loss Counseling

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Portland Lifestyle Counseling provides Bereavement, Grief, and Loss Counseling in the greater Portland metro area. For Counseling call (503) 309-1163
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"Portland Lifestyle Counseling offers Bereavement, Grief, and Loss Counseling in Portland. Bereavement is grief over the death of a loved one and can affect us in many different ways.There is really no right or wrong way to grieve.

We can experience grief not only when there is physical death of a loved one but when we experience any ending. Endings may include:

end of a relationship
end of youth and the beginning of midlife
the end of school
a move to a new city or home
end of a career or job
plus many more
Loss is the experience of an absence of someone or something that was once a part of one"s life but is no longer present and/or available. Loss can be the result of a death of a loved one or can be the result of an ending of some kind. In any event, both bereavement and loss can naturally cause us feelings of pain, sadness, and grief. At times we may even experience many complicated emotions and begin to question existence itself, meaning of life, and purpose for living.

I offer counseling for bereavement, grief and loss for a number of issues such as: death of a loved one (bereavement), specialty counseling for grief and loss around midlife issues, women"s trauma issues and for breaking with dysfunctional families.

Bereavement Grief Loss Counseling Portland

Are any of these grief questions true for you or someone you care about?
Do you find life less interesting now that your loved one has died?

Do you feel life has less meaning now that your loved one has died?

Are you avoiding friends and family due to feelings of sadness and grief since a loved one died or experiencing the loss of a job/career, divorce, youth, or some other ending?

Do you feel sad, despondent, or "blue" or depressed when you think about growing older and the loss of your youth?

Did you experience a traumatic event recently or in the past and are having feelings of grief and loss due to the event?

If you answered yes to most of these questions you may want to consider counseling for bereavement, grief, and loss.

It is normal to experience feelings of sadness, shock, loneliness, disbelief, anger, confusion and other emotions when someone close to you dies. It is also normal to experience feelings of grief when you experience a loss of something like a cherished career, relationship, phase of life, or some other event. But if you are concerned about how long you have been grieving, how the loss is affecting you, and if you fear that grief and/or bereavement are becoming a way of life then a counseling relationship may be useful in helping you begin the next chapter of your life.

Would you like to
Bereavement Grief Loss Counseling Portland OR
Begin being more involved in life again.
Reconnect to friends and family.
Try a new interest or hobby.
Meet new people.
Feel supported and understood when you need to talk about your deceased loved one or the loss you are experiencing
Feel more involved in activities again.
Find ways of celebrating your love one"s life or another ending in your life without increasing your grief.
Take better care of yourself
Begin a new and exciting chapter in your life.
Plus more"

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