Brainspotting for Addiction

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"Brainspotting therapy integrates everything we know today about the brain and the body to help individuals deal with trauma and addictions. Brainspotting is a client-led therapy that uses your eye position to locate, down-regulate, and process traumatic emotions, while creating safety in a highly attuned relationship with your therapist.ddictive behaviors may result from some combination of early emotional dysregulation, attachment breakdowns, genetic predisposition, intergenerational traumas, or adverse childhood experiences. Our resourceful brains discover and attach to behaviors or substances that make unbearable thoughts or feelings disappear, albeit temporarily. Once we learn ways to get relief, we repeat the cycle over and over again, to our own detriment.Brainspotting therapy for addiction is a multi-stage treatment model that acknowledges traumatic and dissociative experiences as important components. Treatment stages include:
Stabilization skills development,
Emotional self-regulation practice,
Addiction recovery treatment,
Unresolved pain and trauma processing, and
Post-traumatic growth.
Part of the treatment involves connecting the sensations in our bodies linked to cravings with feelings of negative consequences, and later expanding our exploration of the future without the addiction."

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