Brainspotting Music in Therapy

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"The main types of Brainspotting music are Bilateral or Biolateral sounds or stimulation. The healing sound enters the brain directly through the auditory nerves while the eardrums are vibrated bilaterally. Used at a low audible level during session, it serves as a background music which most people find calming and grounding. Brainspotting music can be used as continual stimulation throughout the therapy session, especially during the talking part. Brainspotting therapy is most powerful and effective when the experience is enhanced by Bilateral or Biolateral sounds.
For highly dissociative or fragile clients, Brainspotting therapy can be initiated without any bilateral sounds. The music can be added later as the client becomes more integrated, more flexible, and ready for a change in intensity.
The Benefits of Bilateral Stimulation
Bilateral stimulation is any left and right auditory or visual stimulation. It could be watching a hand moving backwards and forwards or it could be listening to tones. When the brain detects bilateral stimulation, an evolutionary mechanism kicks in designed to help us survive. For example, anxiety comes out of the emotional part of the brain, which is the deepest structure of the brain known as the subcortical or limbic system. That part of the brain generates the fight or flight response in our autonomic nervous system, which is the key to anxiety. This subcortical or limbic area in the brain is not easily changed by thought or insight; it responds best to sensory stimulation.
We are bilateral mammalian creatures, and bilateral sound feels organic to our physiology
The sound becomes part of the session processing as it gets woven into the experience
Soothing nature of the sound assists our internal coherence
The sound supports subcortical (midbrain) processing and accesses additional layers of the brain
The sound balances between the hemispheres
The sound support dual attention to both bilateral sounds and processing awareness
The effects of bilateral music may include:
A relaxation effect including decreased physiological arousal.
Increased attentional flexibility the person"s thoughts become less "stuck" on whatever was bothering them.
Distancing effect the problem seems smaller and further away.
Decreased worry."

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