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"Premature and medically fragile infants frequently present with developmental and maturational delays. These delays are not only seen in motor skills, but also in more subtle aspects of development, such as feeding impairments, low birth weight and growth, regulatory delays (poor sleep, difficulty calming, etc), and social-emotional skills. For most infants time spent in an intensive care unit can be overwhelming and disruptive. It may be difficult for them to calm down or to accept soothing from a parent or caregiver. These delays are not often recognized by pediatricians, or are brushed aside as something that the infant will "out grow."

Occupational therapists at Sensory KIDS will evaluate your infant to assess delays, and how they may be impacting your child"s function, as well as your family as a whole. We will assess your child"s ability to process sensory information and to interact with his or her environment. Treatment may include parent education on positioning, engagement, early play skills, or supports for feeding. We will work with you and your child to help you recognize signs of dysregulation, and to create strategies to promote your child"s ability to self-regulate."

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