Building Bridges

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"Building Bridges was one of the first ABA clinics in Oregon, established in Portland in 2000 by BCBAs Elizabeth Mishler and Emily Hoyt. Together they have grown the business from a small, home-based therapy service, to the highly respected clinic it is today. Under the guidance of our Clinical Director, Melissa Gard, PhD, BCBA-D, Building Bridges maintains close relationships with several universities in the Portland area. We are a practicum site for graduate students of Pacific University's Counseling Psychology program, and graduate students of Oregon Institute of Technology's Applied Behavior Analysis program. Building Bridges is committed to excellence in scientifically-based intervention. We exceed state standards for treatment quality and interventionist supervision, and work to provide services across all appropriate settings for our learners (home, community and school.) Culture is defined by the written and unwritten rules, the common ways of doing things, and the formal and informal processes that account for the way things get done. Culture is also defined by what an organization and the people who make up the organization value and prioritize. We know it is important that our clients and their families trust that we will do what we say, honor our commitments, and meet our responsibilities. In other words, we must have integrity. We are an organization committed to solving problems with careful deliberation and with methods that are mindful of industry standards and requirements, our ethical code as behavioral health providers, our core values, purpose and promise. We never lose sight of the fact that our decisions can have profound effects on the lives of others, intended or not."

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