Chair Massage Is A Shorter-Length Therapeutic Massage,

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"Chair Massage is a fully clothed shorter-length therapeutic massage, which allows for a quick break to relax and unwind without all the fuss of getting undressed and redressed. A simple Chair Massage is great for those who want to remove some extra stress and relax during a lunch break or between running errands in the Portland Metro Area.
Chair Massage is also extra convenient for people who have physical difficulties getting onto a massage table and laying flat. If a 60-minute length massage in a massage chair is more appealing and appropriate for you than a regular 60-minute massage treatment on a massage table, simply book a regular 60-minute massage and tell your massage therapist at the time of the appointment that you prefer a Chair Massage.
Typical Chair Massage techniques include Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Sports Therapy Massage (great for soreness or strained muscles from recent strenuous activity)."

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