Change Negative Self-Talk

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Do you accept nothing less than perfection of yourself, or often feel like a fraud, or a failure? The ways we treat ourselves are often so ingrained that we don"t even notice how destructive they are. Ask yourself this: If you uttered the same critical messages you give yourself, towards a friend, how would they feel? Maybe that explains how you feel a lot of the time? Negative internal self-talk often stems from internalized messages we received growing up. It contains all the "shoulds" and "musts" we were taught as part of what is believed to be parenting. However, what it often really is, is the transference of ones" insecurities and survival strategies onto another. Now when those strategies are no longer useful or needed how do we let go of them? Together we will find answers to that question. With different tools, I can help you to develop healthier beliefs, stop self-sabotaging behaviors, and most importantly befriend yourself."

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