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"Good quality sleep is essential to your child's health and development. If your child's sleep issues are keeping you up at night, we're here to help.Every child is unique, which is why we treat sleep issues on a family-first basis. In order to understand what is affecting your child"s sleep, we start with a review of your child"s sleep-focused history, an exam, and a review of records that may involve a sleep questionnaire and a sleep diary.
Our pediatric sleep specialists use all of this information to determine your child"s type of sleep difficulty. In some cases, additional testing such as an overnight sleep study may be recommended. Our specialists will work together with you to develop a thorough care plan for your child. Sleep studies help us understand what type of sleep issues your child is having. Located on the campus of Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center, our state-of-the-art sleep center is comfortable for children/young adults as well as for their parents. If your child is under 18, one parent must stay overnight with them. We provide two beds in a room for your peace of mind and convenience.
Before we start, we"ll answer any questions and help your child feel safe and secure. Your child"s sleep will be tracked with sensors taped to their body. After the sensors are in place, you and your child may relax in your room until you are ready to go to sleep. When the study is done, we will take off the sensors and let you know the next steps.
Based on the results the specialist will decide the best care plan to help solve your child's sleep problem."

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