Child Parent Relationship Therapy: A Powerful Caregiving Resource

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"CPRT is designed for parents and caregivers of children who are about 3 to about 10 years of age. Each session is about 1 to 2 hours and is made up of about 3-6 parents/caregivers. During the course of the therapy, participants are taught the fundamental skills of Child Centered Play Therapy and practice them at home with their child of focus. Parents and caregivers are provided with supportive and interactive feedback by the therapist and other participants.
CPRT seeks to support parents and caregivers to learn how to:
Regain control without using aversive discipline strategies
Help the child of focus develop self-control
Support parents and caregivers in implementing more effective discipline & limit inappropriate behavior
See the world through their child"s eyes and understand the child"s emotional needs with greater effectiveness and ease."

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