Chronic Fatigue

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Function medicine experts at Oregon Center for Functional Medicine identify the root cause of chronic disease, such as chronic fatigue and address them with function medicine
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"While many people think that having low energy is a byproduct of not getting enough sleep, it can be more serious and actually the symptom of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Signs of chronic fatigue often include extreme tiredness that can occur following light movement or exercise. Poor decision-making, fogginess/memory loss, and cognitive decline may also be signs of a chronic fatigue issue.

As for what causes this condition, food allergies and other chronic issues such as adrenal dysfunction or leaky gut syndrome are most common. A poor diet, a dormant infection, or exposure to environmental toxins are other potential causes for chronic fatigue.

At Oregon Center for Functional Medicine, our team has access to the most recent insights about the root causes of chronic fatigue. They will have a detailed conversation with you about your medical history and the severity of your symptoms before developing a natural and effective treatment method."

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