Claiming Your Worth.

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"One day, you looked around and thought to yourself, "This isn"t the life I imagined." Your routine is predictable. There is nothing to challenge you to grow. You used to like challenges. You had big dreams. You were going to do great things and lead a full, rich, happy life. Yet now, you sigh when you look around at your life and think, "What happened?"Somewhere along the way, your confidence fizzled. It happened slowly, not overnight by any means. Little things happened to chip away at it. Doubting messages from others that you internalized. A rejection letter, a break-up, things both personal and professional. They all added up. You saw people around you living their dreams and achieving their goals. You even cheered them on, if maybe with a hint of jealousy. But, when it came to your own life, you convinced yourself that you couldn"t do it and that maybe you weren"t actually worth the effort. Maybe you should just be happy with what you have. The day that you looked around and asked yourself, "Is this all there is?" was the day something changed in you. You decided to challenge those thoughts that were in your head, but you still aren"t sure how to do so on your own."

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