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"Humans we are always changing- trying to be better, get better, and figure out why things aren"t working. We want to understand the world around us and we try to understand ourselves. People seek out counseling for a variety of reasons, but there"s one thing that tends to be a common denominator: something in life has become too much, uncomfortable, and it"s time to look at getting better. Maybe you"ve found this page searching for answers, or maybe looking for the right therapist. You"re here because you want something to be better, and you haven"t been able to do it on your own. If so, know that you are not alone. Most of us find ourselves stuck at some point in our lives, and at these times, we might be able to envision a way out, but it seems so far out of reach or impossible to accomplish by yourself.So far, that life has just lived inside you. And maybe you"re at the point to live it for real. Or maybe something has happened that has shaken you and you"re not ready to give up on your version of a life worth living. Either way, I"m ready to help you take this journey. The support of a compassionate, engaged therapist can offer a fresh starting point from which to build a foundation for sustainable change, and a life that is as effective, meaningful and authentically yours as you can hope for."

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