Codependency Symptoms

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""Codependence" (or "codependency") was a buzzword in the 1980"s that has persisted even today. This is for good reason! Many people struggle with being addicted to relationships. Or, feeling stuck in relationships they know may be unhealthy but unable to get out. These are indications that the relationship may be codependent.In codependent relationships, however, the two individuals mesh into one. Partners may lose their sense of self because of this enmeshment. Often, sacrificing their individuality for the other person or for the relationship. In many codependent relationships, each person takes responsibility for the other so that they are no longer responsible for their own selves. This is how codependency produces the feeling of being stuck or powerless in a dysfunctional relationship.Furthermore, when codependent people are in unhealthy relationships they fear how their partner will respond. Or, how their actions will affect their partner. So, they become constrained and controlled by their partner"s reactions. On the other hand, codependent people may be the controlling ones. When they try to get their partner to do something specific to avoid something bad, or to improve themselves. Either way, powerlessness has crept in. Sadly, this makes people feel like they cannot make changes in the relationship without their partner reacting negatively so they don"t do it.If any of this sounds familiar to you, read on you might be codependent, be in a codependent relationship, or come from a family with codependency. The good news, however, is that codependency therapy can help! Things can change and you can untangle your relationships to become healthier. It will require some hard truth and hard work on your part. But, the freedom and security you will find outside of codependency will be worth it"

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