Counseling For Teens & Adolescents

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Trying hard to reach your teen and nothing works? Family Ties Counseling Center can help you. Located in Portland, Oregon, we offer therapy for adolescents.
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Parenting a teen is a clunky endeavor.
Suddenly, your child is out in the world. They are fully exposed to all things dangerous, precarious, addictive and complicated. To make matters worse, parents often find that as their child enters adolescence, their teen starts to pull away from them. The tether between parent and teen is much more lengthy than it previously was. For parents this can be anxiety inducing at best and terrifying at it"s worst.

Parenting a teen can feel a lot like climbing to the top of Mt. St. Helen"s in August. The silty, shifty soil slides under your feet as you slowly work your way up and you slide back with each step you take. Progress is slow and you literally take two steps forward and one step back. And if you want to reach the summit (your teen becoming a thriving and stable adult), there"s no other way than plodding up. Moving through the slippery silt is to weather and endure the conflict, the sadness, the fear, and the complications. As you persist forward, you both will be better off for it."

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