Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

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We offer expertise couples therapy in Portland, Oregon. Relationships are challenging. We can help you navigate you repair and improve your relationship.
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"Not getting along with your partner can make you feel very frustrated and lonely.
Marriage counseling, or couples therapy, provide effective ways to repair and improve your relationship. Therapy with an expert couples counselor can help you learn to communicate, break repetitive negative cycles, heal from betrayal or resentment, increase intimacy, and bring you and your partner more contentment and joy.
You will know that your relationship is in good hands at the Couples Clinic of Portland. What most people don"t realize is that anyone with a counseling degree can provide couples counseling as a service, even if they have NO formal training working with couples. The Couples Clinic of Portland only employs therapists that are well trained in the most current and evidenced-based models of couples therapy and marriage counseling."

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