Craniosacral Therapy

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"Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle method of manipulation which is osteopathic in origin. It works with the cerebral-spinal system and the fascial (or connective tissue) system of the body. Manipulation consists of a feather-like touch which is oriented to assess balance, freedom of movement and proper function in these systems and to remind the body of what is possible.So what exactly IS the craniosacral system? Basically, one theory is that the purpose of craniosacral mechanism is to be a hydrostalic pump, which through its rhythmic motion, maintains the appropriate level of pressure in the cerebrospinal fluid. This movement within the cranium moves the cranial membranes and bones, and because the Mater Dura (the inelastic casing of the spine) does not stretch, this movement is translated throughout the length of the spine and the sacrum; due to the attachment of the connective tissue to the spinal system, this rhythmic motion is consequently communicated throughout the whole body. Thus, if something happens to the integrity of the cranium, the resulting impact to the cranial rhythm can be felt anywhere in the body and visa versa; if an injury were to happen to the foot for example, one would feel the movement restricted in the cranial bones as well."

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