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"Anxiety and stress put your mind and body through the wringer. Originally evolved to help us respond to danger, the stress response has become a danger in itself when we constantly react to environmental factors out of our control that our bodies perceive as threats.

Gabor Mate explains that "the three factors that universally lead to stress are: uncertainty, lack of information and the loss of control". I think most of us are feeling at least one of these factors, if not all of them. When we are under stress our body responds as if we are in danger and our sympathetic nervous system gets activated and release a flood of stress hormones. If this happens over and over without a proper outlet or release, these hormones and corresponding emotions become stored in our bodies. This leads to negative impacts on our physical and mental well-being.

When stress or anxiety lingers in your body, it blazes a path of silent devastation. Stress hormones, such as cortisol, suppress your immune system, compromising your ability to fight disease. This also increases the rate of tissue damage your body sustains, as all of your available resources are being siphoned off to support the fight-or-flight mechanism. Research suggests stress is responsible for 60 percent of all human disease, and three in four doctor visits are for stress-related problems.Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a type of bodywork that can bring profound healing from stress and anxiety. CST is light touch work that stems from Osteopathic medicine. The founder of Osteopathy, Andrew Taylor Sills, was influenced by the Cherokee and Shawnee healing practices of bone-setting. (2). CST is a way of listening to the nervous system and the whole body to help release tension and holding patterns that no longer serve, unwind trauma, and come back into balance and health. With its long, still hand-holds CST identifies the innate health and supports the body and mind into deeper rest, allowing the body to return to balance and calm. The primary focus in CST is on health rather than the problem, which allows for the body"s intelligence to heal from within."

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