Dance Rehabilitation

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Physical therapists who specialize in dance rehabilitation for dance injuries, while also providing expertise to help dancers perform better. We can help you with overused muscle injuries, tendonitis, clicking hip, hip popping, hip snapping, and more.
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"Dance rehabilitation physical therapy begins with an integrative biomechanical analysis of your body to determine the cause of your injury. We will assess your overall level of conditioning and focus our treatment on healing the specific weak or injured body part. We provide a specific dance space with full length mirrors, ballet barre, and marley floor to analyze your technique. Video analysis may be incorporated into your plan of care to help isolate and correct movement pattern disorders.We believe that successful treatment is the result of consistency in care. Our model is designed to foster this concept and is, frankly, unique in Portland. Typically, you will work with the same physical therapist throughout your rehabilitation. This partnership will help you achieve your goals, ensuring your progress is closely monitored and quickly address any issues or concerns to keep your recovery on track."

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