Dental Treatment for Sleep Disorders

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"Although most patients with UARS or OSA tolerate OAT well, there are very real potential problems that can develop with the use of the oral appliance. Although these problems do not occur frequently, they may include the development of pain in the jaw joints and/or jaw muscles, and sometimes may cause a change in the bite as a result of wearing the oral appliance. These conditions are broadly referred to as "TMJ" or temporomandibular disorders (TMDs).Because of the potential for these problems to develop, any patient who is being considered for OAT should be carefully screened for these potential problems. Because most dentists who provide OAT have not been trained in how to thoroughly screen patients for these conditions, they often have little understanding of how to identify them before OAT is undertaken or how to treat them, should they develop. For more on TMD screening, see "Screening for TMD in Dental Practice""

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