Depression, Hope is possible.

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"What Happened to Your Life?
Your body aches. You"re tired all the time, despite going to bed early. You can"t concentrate and even the smallest decisions can leave you on the verge of tears. Every day feels like just a replay of the day before where you never really move forward. Something is draining everything out of you but you can"t quite put your finger on it. This constant cranky and irritable feeling just isn"t you.
Guilt and Self-Doubt are Bringing You Down.
You feel like an outsider in your own life. Nothing seems to fit. This isn"t what you had envisioned for yourself. Looking around, it hits you that you"re not living the life you want. You have a job pays the bills. You"re relatively healthy. You have family and friends that love you. It should be enough, shouldn"t it? You don"t want to complain as you know there are people struggling so more than you are. The guilt of daring to want more crushes you. Questions of self-doubt and judgment fill your head. Am I even worth it? What makes me so special? Why can"t I just be grateful? Am I just a bad person?"

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