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"I am experienced in providing culturally-oriented therapy to adolescents and adults from diverse populations. I value creating a safe therapeutic space for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, women, LGBTQ , and other communities that have been historically marginalized in the United States. I have a thorough understanding of working with diverse populations and treating a range of clinical issues, such as: Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, grief and loss, trauma (sexual assault, childhood), career issues, eating concerns, cultural identity issues, relationship issues, academic issues, and family Issues.

I see myself as an integrationist who emphasizes an interpersonal process (relational, psychodynamic) and multicultural-feminist approach to therapy. The cultural-feminist approach focuses on understanding the person within their context and within the context of U.S. culture. I believe the therapeutic relationship (alliance) is the cornerstone of every effective therapy relationship, therefore I will ask you for feedback about the therapy process. When a relationship of mutual trust and respect is present, it is then that honest dialogue and genuine feedback help clients to grow beyond their problems and create change.

In terms of treatment goals, I will collaborate with you to develop an individualized, meaningful, and effective coping strategy to work through and/or manage your concerns. Interventions that I use come from a cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic, dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness meditation, and mind-body (sensorimotor; yoga for trauma) approach."

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