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""The newborn brain contains about 100 billion brain cells and a complete network of nerve wiring or synapses. A scientific breakthrough has demonstrated conclusively that the human brain can give rise to new brain cells and spawn new neurons to regenerate itself and repair broken circuitry caused by aging, damage or disease. However, there remains much to understand and explore about the human brain. Master Choa Kok Sui, the foremost present day authority in utilizing energy or prana in healing, wellness and spirituality, gifts us with this book on brain-power that is unlike any other in the breadth and depth of information, understanding and simplicity that have always been hallmarks of his books. He shows us how the Superbrain Yoga can provide the "energy fuel" that can keep our brain fit and functional, and how these can help counter the common mental effects of aging, memory loss as well as dementia and Alzheimer"s disease.. .
As a neonatologist and a neurodevelopmental specialist who has taken care of thousands of premature and sick infants, I recognize the importance of reprogramming, restructuring and regenerating the growing brain. Neuroplasticity or the brain"s ability to reorganize neural pathways can hope to benefit from Superbrain Yoga. I strongly recommend that parents teach these brain work-out exercises to their children. Educators must include these in brain-based learning curriculum for students. Health care providers must incorporate these as part of the cognitive enhancing programs to avoid age-related deficits of memory in their patients.
All of us who are interested in regenerating our minds and increasing our brain power must do the Superbrain Yoga everyday. When it comes right down to it, what good is a healthy body, if the brain is not healthy and sound?""

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