Egyptian Essential Oils

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"In Egypt, thousands of years ago, sacred healing oils were used as temple offerings to worship the gods and goddesses. Over time, Egyptians became the masters of aromatherapy for healing, rituals, and magic. To the ancient Egyptians, essential oils were a beautiful language of nonverbal communication. They were the vocabulary and the carriers of divine energies, sacred messages, healing, and soul care. These exquisite and rare oils from Egypt allow us to shift our consciousness and expand our awareness into other realms. The healing oils come directly from Cairo and Aswan, Egypt. I have personally met and worked with the families who make these precious oils. I offer these rare healing Egyptian oils online and in my studio. I use them in my healing sessions. It is from my heart and soul that I share these amazing and precious products directly from Egypt, from the soil and water that hold so many ancient memories and sacred energies."

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