Embodied Change You Can Feel..Instead of Just Think About

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"Somatic (Body) Psychotherapy Definition:
Somatic (Body) Psychotherapy treats the whole person, integrating body, mind, emotions, and spirit, enabling you to do deeper more meaningful work in less time with more lasting results. (http://www.ibponline.org/ Integrative Body Psychotherapy)
Somatic Experiencing:
Somatic Experiencing teaches you to track and attune to your nervous system to regulate, release trauma, empower, and attend to needs and nervous system states effectively. Assessing the state of your nervous system and knowing how to support it helps you navigate work, relationships, and life with greater efficacy, enjoyment, and ease.
Why It Works
Because so much of the input to the central nervous system is somatic (registered through our sensory receptors associated with our five senses) and most emotions are accompanied by or preceded by body sensations (Ellis, 2014), involving the experience of the body in psychotherapy can be an essential aspect in addressing a client"s holistic experience.
Why Cognitions/Logical Thought (Talk Therapy) Are Only Part of the Picture of Healing
The human brain develops in 3 parts sequentially: the Reptilian Brain (instinct/survival), the Mammal Brain (Limbic System: emotions and memories), and the Human Brain (Pre-Frontal Cortex: abstract thought)."

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