Embodied & Empowered

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Quoted From: https://embodimentpdx.com/embodied-empowered/

"Ever wish you felt more stable, supported, more yourself? Want to cultivate the ability to move out of your own comfort zone- to experience yourself as brave, confident, secure? Are you facing a challenge or conflict in your life right now that you"d love to handle with strength and grace?
Your inner knowing is your greatest resource-
While conflict resolution can be challenging especially when it involves people who are important to us it doesn"t have to be overwhelming. With the right support and strategy, it can even become a source of courage and leverage for continued growth.
You don"t have to do it alone.
Clarify desires, intentions, & needs
Strategize ways to stay connected to yourself & others while mitigating the risk to your relationship(s)
Recognize signs of overwhelm & cultivate body strategies to remain calm, centered & clear
Discuss the process
Identify strengths and areas for continued growth"

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