EngAGE Northwest based in Portland, OR

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Quoted From: https://www.engagedaging.org/northwest

"We are an organization that prides itself on creating community for everyone. We are committed to bringing people together in social connection and unity.

In 2016, EngAGE began delivering services to our first community in Portland, OR: Cascadian Terrace Apartments, a 103-unit subsidized property providing affordable housing for very low income residents. This is the first collaboration of EngAGE with another group expanding to Oregon Community Development Partners, the owners of Cascadian Terrace and other Portland properties.

Residents enjoy college-level creative classes, such as this printmaking workshop in which the artists chose a favorite empowering word and made a print to celebrate it. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, EngAGE is working to transition in-person classes to virtual ones.

Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, residents enjoyed opportunities for communal meals, such as the special Harvest Festival event. One of the primary volunteers, pictured at left, was a former cook. He made a large pot of delicious baked macaroni and cheese, using readily accessible ingredients from the community"s dry goods pantry and donated items from the Program Manager and residents.

Now, My Vice Catering, EngAGE, and Community Development Partners are working together to create and distribute high quality, nutritious catered meals for free to our lowest-income residents on a weekly basis, directly to their doors. Food was procured by EngAGE from a local food pantry: Mainspring. On the first day of the program, 85 meals were distributed to 65 apartments. Each resident got two boxes, a reminder card, and masks for those in need."

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