Equity And Inclusion

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Quoted From: https://newnarrativepdx.org/explore-our-approach/culture/

"Our strategic plan includes concrete actions to infuse our culture with principles of equity and inclusion, trauma-informed care, and intentional peer support for both program participants as well as employees. To center our culture and services on peer voices, we also created a strategy focus area devoted to expanding peer support services and peer presence in leadership.
We recognize that most people have lived through traumatic experiences, events, or relationships. Trauma and/or other types of adversity may be a part of your story. We acknowledge that trauma exists in the institutions around us and that mental health systems have historically contributed to trauma rather than assisted with recovery. Our teams strive to support our program participants, employees, and community by always considering the impact of trauma as it relates to our work in supporting people"s stories and creating a new narrative for mental health."

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