Expressive Arts Therapy for Self-Esteem

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"We all have the right to feel good about who we are.There"s nothing wrong or egotistical about loving yourself.Self-esteem is based on our own beliefs about ourselves, which can be very difficult to change.Expressive arts therapy is a powerful tool that can help guide you back to the path of self-love.You"ve probably heard the term self-esteem before but have you given any thought to the meaning?

To put it simply, self-esteem is the attitude or opinion you have towards yourself.

It can also be thought of as your personal opinion of "you."

If you have healthy self-esteem, you will have a generally positive view of yourself and think optimistically about life.

You know that you are worthy and can even name a few of your positive qualities.When faced with challenges, you may also doubt whether you can overcome them.

Though self-esteem isn"t static, it fluctuates across a spectrum.

You might even find that you only have low self-esteem with certain people or in certain situations. Self-esteem and self-confidence are related but they are not the same.While self-esteem relates to how you think of yourself in general, self-confidence can refer to how you feel about your abilities in a specific area.That being said, it"s possible to have low self-confidence in a particular area and still have good self-esteem.However, if you have low self-esteem, you"re more likely to have low self-confidence in many areas.


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